Your Appointment

Appointments are from 11am until 5pm for day sittings or for smaller sittings your time will be allocated.

Before your appointment make sure you have eaten and drank enough to fuel your energy for the morning. Make sure you get a good sleep and are not hungover.

For the first hour you will receive your design and the design will be tweaked if needed. The tattoo will be sized to your body shape and the stencil will be applied.

The tattoo will begin and breaks will be taken when needed. There will be a small lunch break at about 2pm, your welcome to bring your own food otherwise there is a subway and a café close by. We have complimentary water at the studio but it is recommended to bring your drink of choice and something with sugar (powerade, cola, and lollies) in case it’s needed. Pain killers (Panadol, Nurofen etc.) are also recommended as they can help with the pain.

Please wear appropriate clothing for your tattoo, if clothing needs to be removed please bring what you need to be comfortable.

*No plus ones – Due to the size of the studio it is asked that you don’t bring a second person. If you are planning to please ask first.