The best way to contact Selena is via Facebook message on her Business page “Tattoos by Selena”, (Link on the bottom of this page). All consults are done online, unless requested to be seen in person. If you don't have Facebook you can Email Selena on

To Book a tattoo you will need to send your ideas in a message including a clear description of what you want, photos of ideas and photos of the area being tattooed.

Please also include:

-The exact area you want tattooed.

-The size of the tattoo, please measure and do not guestimate as it leads to confusion.

-If you would like black and grey or colour, if both please specify.

-What skin colour you have and if you are prone to tan and if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

-Your availabilities, please include two to three specific dates that you can make the booking for.

-If you have any medical conditions, skin conditions, or allergies.

As each person is different each tattoo has to be assessed differently to make sure your tattoo comes out the best that it can for your body and skin type. Selena will give you the best advice for your design.

*Please Note: As Selena is a realism artist it is best to find clear photo references of the subject matter you like not just photos of other tattoos. Selena does not copy other artists work but can come up with something similar or work with you to come up with ideas.

If you are looking to get ongoing work, such as a sleeve, it is best to start from one design and work from that. It is extremely difficult to estimate exactly how long an entire limb will take to tattoo as the skin changes around the body and depending on the design the timeframe can change considerably from session to session. There are a lot of different variables when getting tattooed, including your skin type, how you sit, how your skin heals etc. So from individual to individual the time frame will vary.