After Care

Bipnthen First Aid (not nappy rash), Paw Paw or Hustle Butter are the recommended products for the healing of tattoos done by Selena. Please do not use any other aftercare cream even if you purchased it from a tattoo studio.

Please purchase Palmolive Antibacterial Soap to wash your tattoo with, any brand paper towel to dry it with, extra clingy gladwrap to protect it, medical tape to hold the gladwrap where needed and if you are wearing clothing over the top of your tattoo a bandage to go underneath. Please do not use any other product not stated on your tattoo, or just check with Selena if it okay first.

Selena will wrap your tattoo before you leave, as soon as you get home take it off and either have a shower or wash it thoroughly. When washing your tattoo use antibacterial soap and your clean hands to wash it and paper towel to dry it. Do not use any towels or face washers as they hold bacteria. Shower water is fine but do not bath with your tattoo at any time until it is completely healed (no pools, beach, river etc. either). Please put clean sheets on your bed and also not your best sheets as ink may stain them. Also wear clean loose clothing and also not your best as they too may get stained. It is up to you if you would like to wrap your tattoo at night, you will have to in the day if you are going to work in an environment where dirt, dust or any other foreign material may affect the healing of your tattoo or if you are wearing any clothing over the top of the tattoo.

For the first two three days your tattoo is going to start to heal, you will notice plasma and ink ooze out of the skin (lots of ink especially after the first day, don’t freak out this is normal), you will need to make sure you are washing this off and putting cream on after this, don’t overdo the cream a thin layer is plenty. 3 to 5 times a day is recommended.

The tattoo needs to air out and dry heal until you notice plasma again and will need to wash it off. Continue to do this over the few days until no more plasma comes out. When there is no more plasma wash it and put cream on it 3-5 times in the day, when you wake up, in the middle of the day, at night before bed and when you see fit.

If you go to the gym or do any other activity or change clothes or are around your pets please wash and cream before and after doing so. Please keep pets away from tattoos at all times, if you sit on a lounge or bed (or anything else) that a pet shares please put a clean sheet or towel down before sitting.

When the tattoo starts to itch and peel, do not pick at it, scratch it or put any clothing that may rub it. It is best to wrap your tattoo during this process and when the scabs start to peel and flake this is when unnecessary drop outs happen. Keep moisturising with your cream 4-6 times a day until the tattoo is completely healed, if the tattoo is still dry you are not putting enough cream on the tattoo.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Selena immediately if you are in the tattoo healing process.

*Please also listen solely to your artist, each artist uses particular methods based on their own research and products used during the tattoo process. Do not take advice from your family, friends or other artists when getting tattoos, if you have questions please contact Selena via her Facebook Page (link below) Immediately. Please don't take weeks or months to inform her of any issue with the tattoo as she wont be able to helpand or give advice after the healing process has finished.

Selena would like to thank all of her clients who follow this information.